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About Lydia:

Lydia Dittman is from Oregon and is a junior in high school. She loves writing, chicken nuggets, and plans being a homicide detective. Be on the lookout for a new book review from Lydia each month. She thinks girl empowerment is important because everyone, including females, deserve to have a voice.

Book Review: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

There are two kinds of people in this world. Red bloods… And silver bloods. The silvers have powers, they can manipulate water, fire, metal; and each person has a different power. The reds however, have no powers, so they are classified under the silvers, who misuse their abilities.

War has been going on for years, and as soon as one ends, another begins, for one reason: to keep the reds under control. Unless you have an apprenticeship, you are conscripted at age 18.

Mare Barrow is just like everyone else, a lowly red, who is getting way to close to 18, and helps provide for her family by stealing. It seems to be the only thing she’s good at. As conscription comes nearer, she receives a golden opportunity; she can work as a maid in the castle (to escape the war), where the royal family of Silvers live. But what she doesn’t expect is that while she is serving for the Queenstrial (a competition to determine the next queen) she discovers she is part of a third kind of people. She is a red blood, with powers. This has never been heard of before, and so the silver family does what any self-respecting and kind family would, they claim her as their own. And hide the color of her blood, while claiming she is a long lost relative.

This is where life becomes crazy for Mare, as she is selected as the betrothed of the younger prince, Maven and made to give speeches and parade around as a silver, because who know what would happen if the rest of the reds found out there was someone different. A rise up of people who no longer want to follow rules. But what happens when Mare finds out there is more to this family than meets the eye? A bigger scheme is afoot and somehow, she will find a way to stop it. Or will she? Read the book to find out!

Book Review: The Conspiracy of Us by Maggie Hall

Avery West is your normal teenager. Well, if moving to a new place every year can be considered normal. Her mom’s job requires it. After the first few moves Avery decides it is better to befriend no one, than to have to leave everyone close to you.

She meets a guy at her school named Jack, and her life turns upside down from there. One minute she’s at her schools prom, the next she is on a plane to meet relatives she didn’t even know she had! How is that possible? Read the book to find out!

These mysterious relatives can close PRADA for the DAY if they want. But they aren’t who they seem to be, I mean, why did her mother never tell her about them before? Jack actually isn’t some guy from her high school? He actually works for her relatives and was sent to watch over her?! Whaaaaat? Watch over her for what? Read the book to find out!!

The more Avery finds out about her “family,” the stranger it becomes. What’s this about a prophecy; some girl with purple eyes? Well guess who has purple eyes…? Yep. She is supposed to marry some guy from one of the groups connected to her family!? Guess who doesn’t want to get married? Yup. And how on earth is Avery getting away with being in Paris without her mom’s permission? Read the book to find out!

Book Review: The Selection by Kiera Cass

Enter America Singer. A headstrong redhead who lives in Illea, the land formerly known as that which Miss Singer is named after (America). She lives the average life of a Five with her family of musicians, as all Fives are. The Selection is coming up and any girl may enter for a chance to win the heart of Prince Maxon. America never dreamed she would actually be one of the thirty-five girls chosen to live in the castle and compete for the crown. She only entered to appease Aspen, who wanted the best life for her, even if that was apart from him.

So now she finds herself swept up in a whirlwind of dresses, diamonds, and damsels, all in an attempt to marry the prince she isn’t even interested in! As she meets new people, and learns more about what being a ruler really means, America begins to find that maybe she could make a difference in the kingdom where being a Two, or maybe even a One, is all that matters.

Between mishaps and mistakes, will America decide if she really wants this life, or can she even win it at all? Will the kingdom even survive after numerous attacks from not one, but two organized groups bent on bringing it down? Read this exciting book (the first of three) to find out.

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